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One of the things that impressed me most when my wife and I moved to the County in 2014 was the amount and diversity of volunteer activity. It seems that as soon as a need is identified, people get together and figure out how to address that need.


Whether it is environmental protection, heritage, the arts or just running the Town Hall and Mount Tabor, the willingness of folks to organize and help out is nothing short of remarkable.


Prince Edward County is a great example of residents not expecting governments to do everything for them, and nowhere is that more evident than in South Marysburgh. There is no better way to keep taxes down than by adopting a made to measure do it yourself approach.


Important fun fact - unlike the other County Wards, South Marysburgh has a Managment Board operated by volunteers. Through this Board and its sub-committees, volunteers look after opening and closing County buildings, maintaining them - and receive all the revenue from rentals as a result. This results in lower cost of operation and provides the ability to put on special events like Easter Egg hunts, Santa, the Milford Fair and assistance to produce the South Marysburgh Mirror.

Due to my keen interest in the environment, I have become involved in several organizations which focus their efforts on our very special South Shore, such as:


As your Councillor, I will continue to promote volunteerism in an even greater array of endeavours.

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