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Milford Development Opportunities


In and around Milford is an exciting variety of enterprising people – artists, musicians, foodies, IT experts, videographers, craftspeople, farmers, beekeepers, winemakers, retirees and on and on.


With its locally run facilities like Mount Tabor, the Town Hall, and the Shed, Milford is host to many cultural events and of course “The biggest little fair in the Country”, the Milford fall fair.


But the village itself is not the vibrant place it once was. It is not attracting its fair share of tourism dollars that are flowing into the County. It isn’t the destination it could be.

Make no mistake, we are seeing some progress. The PECish bakery is a very welcome addition, as are the new B&B operation and refurbishment of the old Emporium to the east of the Town Hall. Even the old Hicks store is in the process of becoming something new.


Let's continue these positive developments. I would like to see a group of interested people formed to explore what we would like Milford to be and develop plans to make it happen.


I welcome all ideas for this venture.

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