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Business and Planning


Even a quick look at the business directory that's attached to my daily email to residents shows what a breadth of talent and innovation we have going on in South Marysburgh.


With the County's new Official Plan finally in place, we can all see what the desired uses are for our ward and should be ready to promote them.


As availability of decent internet continues to increase, there is more opportunity for new businesses to be established and operate remotely from major population centres.


Clearly, to protect and conserve our natural environment as well as County way of life, business growth should not include large scale resort or commercial/industrial operations. In every other respect, however, we are open for business.

I will continue to support local business and look forward to working with residents and potential business operators to make things work for them in South Marysburgh.


One of the biggest learning curves for new Councillors is understanding and navigating this important function. Land use planning is governed by several pieces of legislation, notably the Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement, our Official Plan and others.

Decisions on land use planning application directly affect residents. Whether it is a seemingly simple request to sever a piece of land or change usage, or plans to build a subdivision, campground, resort, etc., these Council decisions affect residents' lives.

I have discovered that my research and analytical skills have equipped me to fully appreciate multiple considerations and be involved in all kinds of planning matters.

It has been gratifying to be able to help constituents through what can be a daunting process. I remain committed to helping residents and urge you to ask questions about any existing or future planning applications that you may have.

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