My work to protect the natural heritage of the PEC South Shore has brought me into the realization of the incredible human heritage aspects of South Marysburgh.  This extract from the County’s website explains very well my views on heritage.


“As one of the oldest settlements in Canada, Prince Edward County is blessed with a wealth of cultural heritage resources.  Heritage conservation in Prince Edward County strives to protect and enhance the unique cultural significance of this place we know as 'The County'.  Heritage conservation is a proactive approach to ensure that the special places in the County are protected for present and future generations.  Conserving the County's unique places is a goal for municipal government, many private and not-for-profit groups as well as individuals.”


Conserving cultural heritage in this foundational region of Ontario does not need to be an imposition on property owners.  In fact, many benefits can come from conserving our cultural heritage.


I will continue to support the work of PEHAC, the County Heritage Advisory Committee and will strive to promote the benefits of heritage conservation.