Protection and promotion of the natural environment in South Marysburgh has occupied much of my time and energy since moving to the County in 2014.

According to the draft new official plan for the County, our ward has the greatest percentage (about 80%) of recognized environmentally sensitive areas of any ward in the County.

  • The internationally recognized South Shore Important Bird Area

  • The Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area

  • Large blocks of Crown land

  • Little Bluff Conservation Area

  • Numerous areas designated as Areas of Natural or Scientific Interest (ANSI) or candidate ANSIs

  • 3 major provincially significant wetlands

  • The Black River complex


My position on Protection of the environment is fully aligned with the position of the present Council.

I fully support measures to combat climate change as evidenced by my work with CCSAGE.  Such elements as roof-top solar, small scale wind and geothermal, innovative electricity storage techniques, hydrogen powered vehicles and measures to increase adoption like a government loan program should all be looked into and promoted.


The unique natural environment of South Marysburgh is no place for harmful industrial development.