John Hirsch, Councillor, Ward 9, South Marysburgh

For me, protection of our environment, our heritage, culture and our very way of life is the top priority.


We are at a crucial moment in time in Prince Edward County. There has been a major influx of people from away – not just tourists and visitors but also permanent residents like me.  The County’s profile in Ontario and indeed Canada has risen dramatically.


The County is being buffeted by waves of change:

  • The winery/brewery economy

  • Big increase in tourism

  • Rapid population growth

  • Rapidly increasing real estate values

  • Stresses on traditional agriculture

  • Lack of affordable housing and rental accommodation

  • The Short-Term Accommodation phenomenon

  • The need for a new hospital

  • A new provincial government

Nowhere in the County are these challenges and opportunities more important than in South Marysburgh.

Our new Council, for the next 4 years, will have to deal with all these issues and more.


As your councillor, I will try to fill the large shoes of my friend Steve Ferguson.  I have had the pleasure of working with Steve over the last few years and hope to continue that work when he is Mayor.


I bring passion, detailed research, careful consideration, transparency and accountability, impeccable ethics, and absolute love of the County to everything I do.


With my well-developed professional skills, values and experience I will help ensure that County government will be fair, efficient, and transparent.


As your full-time councillor, you can count on me to listen to your concerns and ideas, advocate for what is best for South Marysburgh and the County and keep everyone informed via social and print media and town hall meetings.  I will maintain my website on an ongoing basis.


Protecting South Marysburgh’s natural environment, heritage and way of life is my key promise to you.